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You might consider a generator unnecessary, but think again—it can save your life in the event of a power outage. Single Phase Electrical Services, Inc. will install a generator in your home or office to ensure you’ll always have a reliable power source. Extreme temperatures can be life threatening, and if your power goes out, you’ll be left scrambling. Having a generator will provide your heating and cooling system with the juice it needs to keep you comfortable and safe.

Our team will start your installation service by completing a home survey. You’ll receive a quote and we’ll order your new generator if you approve it. Learn more about our generator installation services by contacting Single Phase Electrical Services, Inc.!

Three reasons to install a generator in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Single Phase Electrical Services, Inc. knows how important a generator can be in an emergency situation. That’s why we offer our installation services to local residents. There are numerous benefits to installing a backup generator in your place of business or home. Generators:

    Require little maintenance
    Are handy in the event of power outages
    Can keep your essential comfort systems operating in an emergency

Get in touch with Single Phase Electrical Services, Inc. to see what a new generator can do for you.